Introducing Our FREE Dental Health Rewards Program

Long-Term Dental Health

You and your family’s dental and overall health is extremely important us. Over our years we found that one of the best ways to accomplish this was to help educate you in any and every way possible. That is why this new program was created.

Children's Dental Health

Most babies will develop teeth between 6 and 12 months. As a parent, it is your job to help keep their teeth healthy. As dental professionals, it’s our job to help you accomplish your goal.

Fun & Rewarding

For our dental professional staff, life is more than dental care and health, it is also about enjoying life. The following opportunity helps you enjoy many other aspects of your life as well.

How Our FREE Dental Rewards Program Work

We created this program to prove our commitment to serving our patients, their family members, and prospective patients in the best most beneficial ways; this unique program is just one of the ways.

The program is simple and straight-forward. Once you have registered, at no cost, you will receive:

That’s It! It’s just that simple! All we ask is that you take a few seconds to share each lesson with your family and friends by clicking, one or more, of the “Social Share” buttons at the top or bottom of each lesson.

What You Will Learn As A FREE Dental Rewards Subscriber

Following is just part of what you will learn as a Dental Health Rewards Subscriber:

"FREE Quick & Easy Dental Health Connection!"


Yes, our courses are extremely important to you and your family’s overall health; however, what you learn now may soon be forgotten. But what about the times when you need access to our dentistry, or a few of the lessons, quickly and desperately?

For this reason we have created our “Easy One-Click Instant Access Mobile and Desktop App”. The above “Mobile & Desktop Icon” gives you “Easy 1-Click Fast Access” to your lessons, our staff and our services, for both now and in the future. In just a few simple clicks our “Dental Helper App Icon” will be added to your cellphone homescreen.

Loading Our App Takes Just 3-Seconds… It Works on Android Phones & Touch Pads, Apple iPhones & iPads, and other brands! It’s Totally FREE!

What Are You Waiting For... Everything Is Totally FREE... So Why Not GET STARTED NOW!!!

DENTAL PROFESSIONALS: Feel free to continue experiencing this site; the courses and gifts are free. Then click the system's details links or buttons throughout the system to learn how you can have an identical system built for your dentistry. (This wording and button will not appear in your site.)

"We Are Proud To Be Your Partners In Good Dental Health"

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